Right Now

Fires show the threat of climate change to our human rights

By Hugh de Kretser
Waratah Lahy Playing in the apocalypse 2020 Ink & watercolour on paper Image size 12 x 14 cm, framed size 42 x [220]

Solastalgia: a review

By Amy Walters

The theme of Tuggeranong Arts Centre’s yearly program is ‘solastalgia’ which asks what the response of art will be in face of destruction, dispossession and the climate crisis. The program was kicked off with moving works from Nick Moir, Tony Curran and Waratah Lahy, and Hannah Bronte.

Accessing the Koori Court is a Human Right

By Tal Shmerling

Sustainable development needs unlikely partnerships

By Monica Lillas and James Carey

How can we bring together people, who appear to be increasingly divided, be it along geographical, ideological, national, religious or cultural boundaries, to achieve global sustainability, equity, and enhance human rights?

“Our human rights are already being affected and this will increase in severity. People will be displaced. Food production will be damaged. Extreme weather will take lives and homes. The poorest will be hit hardest and will have the least ability to cope.”

Hugh de Kretser, Human Rights Law Centre